Therapy Rooms for Hire


Oliver has used his experience of working as a therapist in various settings as well as his background as one of the early exponents of the boutique hotel movement to offer a refreshing take on the traditional therapy room for hire, and the facilities provided. The focus has been very much on creating a space that can provide a 'secure base' for both therapist and client to explore their inner and outer worlds.

Located in St. Mary's Chambers, Quarry Street, Guildford the rooms offer a wonderful blend of the old and the new as well as a great view.  

Rooms are suitable for Individual, Couple, Family or Small Group Work and are available to book on a daily, four hourly or per session basis. 

In room facilities include:

  • Free Wifi

  • Sandtray and toys

  • Stones and shells

  • Easel and Flip Chart paper

  • Art Materials

Please Contact Oliver on 0777 967 1513 or through the contact page for further information.

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