Systemic Family Constellations

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Systemic Family Constellations


A common reservation people voice in regards to Counselling is that they don't think talking about their problems is going to help or that they have seen a Counsellor on a number of occasions and are fed up with going over their 'story'. 

I personally believe that honouring our history and experiences (as I would see it) is an important part of the therapeutic process but I have noticed over the last 18 months or so a marked increase in clients coming to the Owl Practice who have been in therapy for a long time and are looking for someone to work with to help integrate their history, allowing them to move on from 'being' their story into a more authentic way of living; living from their Self rather than their story. 

There is a risk with any talking therapy that we go round the loop to many times, embedding rather than healing historical wounds, trauma and history. The first run round the loop is essential, the second (and possibly third) round usually allows access to deeper awareness and by the forth a sense of despair and hopelessness can set in. 

At this point we may feel as if we know the problem only too well but, no matter how hard we try to resolve it, nothing seems to shift. Systemic constellation work offers a powerful and profound way of finding resolutions and movement to deeply felt issues. These issues may arise at home or at work, in our personal or professional relationships, or with our children/family as a whole.

In contrast to other approaches that tend to view personal issues in the light of individual experience, systemic constellation work looks at the widest possible view and includes everyone and everything that might have a place. When holding the ‘wider view’ we see that many of our issues stem from ‘entanglements’ or unconscious loyalties to the suffering of others in our family, or perhaps the other systems to which we belong. In bringing this to awareness space is created allowing us to heal and move on.

This work can have an incredibly powerful impact on ones life either in and of itself or as a compliment to any other therapy or programme you might be involved with, whether individual or group. 


In addition to his psychotherapeutic training Oliver trained and interned over a period of 5 years with The Centre for Systemic Constellations (Formerly the Hellinger Institute (UK) ) under the tutelage of various first and second generation Constellators including Judith Hemming, Jutta ten Herkel, Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams.


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