Mindfulness and Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been extolled for thousands of years with neuroscience more recently providing evidence for the benefits of regular meditative/ mindfulness practice. Regular meditators have been shown to have a thicker pre frontal cortex in their brains, this helping with mood regulation and the healthy integration of experience.

In theory being still should be one of the simplist things in the world (and with practice it is beautifully simple), but to start with the outside world, our minds, ego and all that can involve get in the way. This is a perfectly normal part of the process but if you'd like help getting started or would like to deepen your level of meditative practice we'd be happy to help.

Group facilitation

If you have a group of like minded friends who would like to create a regular meditation class/ group The Owl Practice can offer a location and group facilitator for your group creating unique classes tailored to your aims. 

Companies and Organisations

Mindfulness practice has been shown to reduce stress levels in the workplace, increase productivity and employee/ company resiliance. Please contact Oliver if you would like to discuss ways in which mindfulness at work might help your organisation or team.


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