Your First Session

The first visit to a therapist can be a moment full of mixed emotions; hope mingled with fear, nerves and pretty much everything else, and that's just the therapist.

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what might be involved in your first session, what the first session is about: 

  • A chance to meet the therapist, ask any questions you may have and decide whether you feel you can work together.
  • Begin talking about where you find yourself and where you'd like to be.
  • A chance for the therapist to get a feel for where you find yourself and any history that may be relevant.
  • Discuss the therapeutic contract. The idea of a contract may seem odd given that a lot of therapy is about the human relationship between therapist and client. The contract sets out the parameters or boundaries of our work together, whether we have a limited number of sessions or therapy is open ended, the frequency of sessions etc. The contract also sets out your rights to confidentiality as the client. The therapeutic contract is not set in stone and can be revisited at anytime if client or therapist has any concerns.
  • And most importantly, your first session is a beginning, the beginning of something new...

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