Healing Your Inner Child

There we are all warm safe and snug without a care in the world, at one with our environment, all our needs catered for. Then something happens...a light appears and we are suddenly thrown into a strange and cold place, our source of nutrition cut from us, and then someone in a white coat smacks us on the backside to make us cry...welcome to the world. 

Very few of us truely get through childhood unscathed, this can be a totally natural and healthy part of growing up helping us develop into resilient adults; the child wrapped in cotton wool can often struggle leading an independent adult life. If we are lucky the wounds are a light scratch that heal with time and nurturing, for others the wound (or wounds) can be so deep that they cut to the very core of our being.

Healing these wounds is a sensitive, delicate and humbling experience for both client and me as their therapist, it can also be the most rewarding work we can do together.

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