Intimate relationships often become the crucible in which we can become aware of the areas within ourselves that need to be healed, as the saying goes ‘opposites attract and then drive each other bonkers’. While it might make sound evolutionary sense for opposites to attract it doesn’t always make relationships easy. Life changes, things shift because that’s just life, relationships can often be the biggest casualty of these changes.

Relationship therapy is often seen as the thing we do before calling the lawyers and while couples therapy can help with relationship crisis, it can also help with open and honest communication during those stressful transitional periods, whether they be moving in together, the birth of a child, the emptying of the nest or a partner retiring as examples.

In my experience it is often not a lack of love causing issues, just each person having a lack of understanding of the other, their relationship styles, what they appreciate and learning how to communicate effectively with each other

I integrate elements of couple counselling, imago therapy, coaching and family constellations to offer a holistic approach to couples work, exploring the practical, emotional and systemic elements of your relationship with a focus on developing a relationship in which the couple can grow both individually and together.  

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