How I Work

As a therapist my focus is on providing you with a safe and confidential environment in which you can explore and heal.

I provide long term open ended therapy, short term solution focused therapy and coaching for individuals, couples and organisations. My approach to working with you could be described as holistic, relational, experiential and intuitive, integrating elements of many modalities, including the transpersonal, informed by a holistic Gestalt framework. 

Particular areas of interest include helping clients work through life stages (particularly post university and midlife), inner child work, the mobilisation of latent/ trapped energy in the body and the impact of family history/ constellations on our relationships and situations, both personal and professional. 

I believe that although influenced by cultural and family history, we are all individuals and as such all have different experiences of an issue, whatever label a concern is given. This is why I focus on an individuals experience of a problem rather than labeling it and reaching for a generic solution that might, but might not fit your experience. I am happy to discuss any issues you are concerned with so feel free to get in touch; some possibilities might be:

  • Anxiety, stress and worry.

  • That feeling of being stuck.

  • Self esteem and confidence issues.

  • Depression.

  • Relationship issues (couples and individual).

  • Family problems.

  • Systemic entanglements.

  • Attachment issues.

  • Co-dependency.

  • Sexual problems.

  • Working through lifes stages, significant changes and decisions.  

  • Existential crisis/ questions.

  • The search for meaning in life. 

  • Moving on from a relationship break-up.

  • Grief and loss.

  • Coping with illnesses and disease.

  • Personality disorder type traits.

  • Life Coaching.

  • Passive aggressive behaviour.

  • Phobias and fears.

  • Obsessive compulisive behaviours.

  • Life style concerns and addictions.

  • Bullying.

  • Studying, revision techniques and exam nerves.

  • PTSD, abuse and trauma, whether experienced in childhood or as an adult.

  • Pain management.

  • Anger management.

  • Concerns around health issues.

  • Decision making and goal setting.

  • Spiritual counselling. 

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