Oliver Baum

Oliver is lead therapist at The Owl Practice...

Providing long term open ended therapy, short term experiential therapy and coaching for individuals, couples and organisations. I work using and Integrative approach to therapy grounded in the humanistic traditions.

I have also trained and qualified in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to the level of Master Practitioner and Family Constellations. My love for this work ensures I continue to learn and develop through CPD and my natural curiosity.  

Particular areas of interest include guiding clients through life stages (particularly post university, midlife and relationship difficulties), inner child/ trauma work, the mobilisation of latent/ trapped energy in the body and the impact of family history/ constellations on our relationships and situations, both personal and professional.

I have worked as a therapist within private practice and the NHS as well as assisting on the Quest Institute and Centre for Systemic Constellations training courses, facilitating therapy and training groups. I am also a member of the international Sacred Attention Therapy teaching faculty, Treasurer for The Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative and co-founder of Family Constellations Surrey. 


At University in my early 20s', while sitting in St. Mary's library it dawned on me that 'unclouded consciousness' was what my life was all about. That kernal never left me and incubated as I scurried around for the next decade creating a successful business. It stays with me today, guiding my warmth, curiosity, empathy, humour, love of learning and people.


Born and raised in Surrey and the father of two amazing sons.


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