He who know how

Posted on: 05 Nov 2013

Technology and I do not seem to be getting on at the moment, whether it’s word documents disappearing into the abyss or my internet connection playing up; so I bit the bullet and went to the helpdesk of the local computer superstore (my version of the eighth circle of hell) only to discover the helpdesk is no longer just the plain old helpdesk but has been rebranded 'Know How’.

They've even somehow managed to trademark ‘Know How’; a new Oracle is born!

There is a massive sign above the chap behind the desk emblazoned with 'Know How' (TM) the slightly spotty teenager behind the desk had a badge with 'Know How' above his name and his T-Shirt had 'Know How' written on it. This must be the place...

I looked at the young man, engrossed by his screen and thought, in a bought of cynicism that, 'he doesn't really look like he knows how.'

I approached this fount of all wisdom... ‘He who Know How'... and asked him a question,

 'I have a feeling my wireless router is malfunctioning, my Blackberry seems to interfere with my signal and I can't get the internet on my laptop at the same time as my phone is on; any ideas?'

Now, as questions go I realise this is not up there with ‘What is the meaning of life’ but ‘He Who Know How’ looked up from his screen and pondered my request... I waited tentatively...waiting for his wise words to pore from his mouth... he responded... without a hint of irony...'I dunno mate, not heard of that one before’...and with a shrug...’mine works fine'.

(At this point, I’m guessing some of you, me included, might be wondering how this has anything to do with Therapy...so, with a favourable wind, here goes...)

I returned home to ponder ‘He Who Know Hows’’ wise words, sat at my computer fiddled about a bit in a state of calm resignation, ticked a few boxes etc. and lo and behold everything seems to be working fine now. So in the end it wasn’t ‘He who Know How’ but ‘Me Who Know How.’

And it’s the same with therapy (see, got there eventually!) whatever concern we have in life we are our own expert, we sometimes just need some help finding the part of us that knows.

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